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Old Orchard Medical Clinic provides health services and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to Burnaby and Lower Mainland residents. We treat each patient with the aim of creating optimal, lasting health. Take control of your health.

Contact us for an appointment: 604-431-6585.

Dermalive Treatments Burnaby

Dermalive® is a semi-permanent injectable filler used to fill skin wrinkles and folds. Dermalive smooths the skin's texture, restoring youthful facial contours. Dermalive's effects last for years instead of months as with other fillers. Dermalive is a think gel, so works like an injectable implant.

Dermalive Indications

Dermalive treatments are effective for:

Contact us to schedule a Dermalive treatment, or to book a consultation to find out which skin treatment is best for you.

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